My school life during corona shut down

Because of corona all schools are closed. More than a million Austrians are sitting at home and learn by themselves. So I am going to tell you guys about my day at home.
Normally, I would wake up at 6 am to get ready for school but nowadays I wake up at 7 or 8 am. Then I eat some breakfast before I start with my school work. Most of the time I do my work alone but sometimes we have online lessons or me video chat with my friends. When I have done everything I go to eat something and chill for the rest of the day. Some people hate it and say it is hard to study at home but I think it is better because you can choose when you want to make your work and you do not have to study when you are still tired like in school. How about you? Do you. like home schooling? Is your school closed too?


8 thoughts on “My school life during corona shut down

  1. Hi Steph!
    This is Evelyn from Canada. Thanks for commenting on my blog!

    This post is awesome. It’s really interesting to hear about your homeschooling experience!

    Schools are all closed where I live as well, so we are all homeschooling also. It’s not too bad, but I do prefer going to school. There are way to many distractions at home: the dog barking, my parents on conference calls, my sister listening to music in another room, and that book that’s sitting just out of reach on the dresser that I desperately want to read. Do you find it easy to get distracted at home, or is it just me?

    I do like some aspects though. I get a lot of outside time, which is nice. I wake up later, like you said in your post. That’s affected my mood, and I’m a lot happier in general. Are you a morning person? I am sometimes, but other times I just want to sleep.

    I hope you are staying healthy and safe in the time of COVID-19. That’s become kind of my catchphrase lately, which is embarrassing.

    Sorry that this is such a long comment. Yikes.


    1. Hi Evelyn!
      Thank you for commenting on my post”

      I do not find it distracting at all because my family often wakes up later than me, so I can do my work before they wake up. But when they are awake it is like a circus.
      I am normally not a morning person but when the next morning is something exciting I get up as early as I can.
      Stay safe!


  2. Hello, my name is Riley and I can see from your post that you think being homeschooled is better. And I agree beacause you can do any assignment through the week

  3. G’day Steph,
    I like your post as you have said what you like about being at home and schooling from there. Are there any aspects of home schooling that you think should stay when normal school goes back? I have noticed many of the teenagers have said they enjoy being able to start later and perhaps schedule their own time more.

  4. I don’t like home schooling that much either. I really enjoy seeing my students every day, but I totally understand the fact, that it’s great to schedule your own time. It would be worth considering a distance-learning-month for the upper grades, but I wouldn’t like it for a whole year.

  5. Hi Steph!
    I like home schooling but in some cases it is hard like planning your time. I get more free time doing everything at home but at the same time teachers don’t.
    I hope this won’t happen again and that we can start the next school year normally. Have a good day!

  6. Hello Steph!!

    My name is Maggie and I am a blogger in the student blogging challenge from Ohio, U.S.A.

    Like you, my school is closed because of the Covid-19 pandemic. I also wake up around 8 now that school is called off instead of 6. I like how I can wake up when I want, but, I know that a lot of kids that I go to school with are really taking advantage of this quarantine. They are totally ruining their sleep schedule by staying up all night long playing video games, watching movies, face timing friends, and looking on social media then they sleep most of the day.

    At my school there has not been much participation with the assignments because of this. Does everyone do all of their school work at your school?


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